sudden dusk cd
Sudden Dusk
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Bill Kotapish, Peter Princiotto, Bobby Read,
Joe “Stellar” Princiotto, and guests. Includes additional mastering and expanded liner notes.
"Sudden Dusk is among those records that represent the apex of American progressive music."
-- Gibraltar (Ken Watson)
"If there’s been a glaring gap in your progressive rock collection, it’s probably because you’ve been unable to snare a copy of this delightful, maverick masterwork."
-- i/e (Darren Bergstein)

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Track Titles and Features

1. It’s Good Fun (Peter Princiotto, Bill Kotapish)

2. Hardt (Bill Kotapish)

3. In The Aisles (Peter Princiotto)

4. Louise Sitting In A Chair (Peter Princiotto)

5. Beese (words: Mark Stuart Holmes;
music: Peter Princiotto)

6. Sudden Dusk (B. Read, B. Kotapish,
D. Berkemeyer, P. Princiotto)

7. Lamplight (Bobby Read)

8. Grandfather Was The Driver
(Bill Kotapish, Peter Princiotto)

9. Trees For The Forest (Peter Princiotto)

10. In The Midst Of Making (Peter Princiotto)

Bill Kotapish
Peter Princiotto
Bobby Read
Joe "Stellar" Princiotto


Don "Whitz" Berkemeyer
Tim Valdes
Gary McAleer
Harold Howland
Annie Gadbois

Sudden Dusk recorded in 1980-81 in Falls Church, VA, and previously released on LP on 12/18/1981 as Random Radar 001. Engineered and mixed by Bobby Read.

Cello added to track 4 in 1990; engineered by Brad Allen. Tracks 1, 4, 7, and 10 remixed, and intro of track 9 inserted/mixed by Bobby Read and Peter Princiotto in spring 1992. Several parts doubled by Pete in spring 1992. Digital remastering in 6/1992 by David Glasser. Sudden Dusk previously released on CD on 3/1/1994 as Kinesis KDCD 1011.

Additional mastering in 11-12/2008 and 11/2009 by Charlie Pilzer. Sudden Dusk re-issued on CD and online 12/31/2009 as N.A. East 1011.

Color photography and cover design by Mark Stuart Holmes; inside design by Peter Princiotto. Design layout by Paula Millet and Scott Kirby (Kinesis release), and by Cher Skoubo and Dan Schuman (N.A. East release).

See physical CD booklet for more extensive liner notes.

however sudden dusk cd
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